Hey my name is Iria, this blog is dedicated to art and techniques.

I also do commission both digital and traditional, just message me.

check out most of my work at iriasmind.deviantart.com


elmosmith6611 asked
I absoutly adore your blog!

thank you:D I really enjoy making comics. Sorry for the lack of content recently, I’ll upload a few things soon:D

zeke-zed-x asked
Just because you're a girl it doesn't mean you HAVE to look pretty, you probably know but there are just so many "you're so beautiful" posts that I thought I should send you this: "You're strong, witty, clever, humorous an talented. all the support!"

thank you:D I really liked this ask <3

veggedvenusaur asked
I saw your transition picture on my blog and wanted to say good for you ^~^

thank you:D

not sure if this has been done already but what the hell, self care is always important&lt;3

not sure if this has been done already but what the hell, self care is always important<3

crystallineprincess asked
you're super cute and beautiful and your comics just hit the nail on the head so hard

thank you:D Im just glad so many people are enjoying it, Im at my parents right now so I cant work on anything new, although Im always jotting down ideas and sketches^^ I hope everyone will enjoy my next comic<3

Anonymous asked
Hi! Just hoping you have a wonderful day and if not at least an hour or even a few minutes where you're really really fucking happy. :) much love, luck, and blessings

thank you so much<3

Anonymous asked
Came here because I thought your HRT timeline comic was brilliant. Just curious though, how old were you when you started your transition?

thank you:D I started at age 27.

Anonymous asked
Hey I read your transition comic and I'm sorry about you having to go through all of the crappy things that come along with that :( But I want you to know you're absolutely beautiful. I know it's kind of personal, and you don't have to do it but I was wondering if we could see like an old picture compared to how you look now just to see the difference. Don't have to, people's transitions just fascinate me.

Ive been through a lot more then I lead on but thats life:P  Sorry I honestly dont feel comfortable showing my pretransition self.

rubidium-hydroxide asked
i LOVE your artwork and comics you are amazing

thank you Im glad you enjoy my art work:D